Journey to the Center of Our Selfish World

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The Journey of the Universe, “an epic story of cosmic, earth, and human transformation”, is an Emmy award-winning film written by Thomas Swimme & Mary Evelyn Tucker. Thomas Swimme is a professor at the California Institute of integral studies in San Francisco, and Mary Tucker is Senior Lecturer and Research Scholar at Yale University, working in the environmental studies. The film situates itself on a Greek Island, for one day, as Swimme takes us on a “12 hour” journey over the course of a 56 minute documentary. The documentary connects the “big picture issues as the birth of the cosmos 14 billion years ago”, to the beginnings of the human genome as well as the human impact on Earth’s environment. All of this connects in a deep web of life, and it all started with the big bang.

Bang, the big bang, it all started. Our world has always been evolving and adjusting itself and its systems, for the better. This film illustrates this idea perfectly. Us humans have a huge impact on the planet and her natural systems and those systems stability. We are taking more out than we are putting back in. Why, well we are naturally selfish. One can compare this back to 2012 Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, who believes that we should focus on what can make us money versus what can help us create a sustainable system between humans and the Earth’s natural systems. Yes, money does help our world move round but so does its native systems. Why not help preserve them… wouldn’t that create jobs and money. I surely don’t understand Mitt Romney’s plan.

Besides Romney’s plan, after the universe’s creation, humans have had a large impact upon the Earth, its cycles, and its dynamics, resulting in a period filled with environmental and social crisis. These crises  have destroyed land, natural environmental systems and the dynamic of the environment with its systems; thus resulted in a recent push for fixes. The Sierra Club is an example of a group trying to fix this situation. Sierra Club founder John Muir devoted himself, as well as the club, “to the study and the protection of the Earth’s scenic and ecological resources.” We are all a part of this Earth and her story needs to be renewed, and this should mean a sincerest goodbye to our old story and values because, “a radical reassessment of the human situation is needed.” We need to look and see what is important to us and why because our story for the past 100 years is not the same as what our story today is, change. I believe change is what we need and the Journey of the Universe shows how we need change here on planet Earth.

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