Ooh, Climate Change…

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Continuing on this idea of climate change, however, I would like to focus more on the policy side of things. Ethically speaking, climate change normally affects the people of poorer nations which remain without the means to address their issues. Unfortunately, the world’s richer nation’s putt their back to nations such as those because those issues have yet to effect us. Nations around the world are experiencing a lack of drinking water, and other everyday basics, because their government lacks the means to do anything about it, whereas our country walks into other nations and bottles up their water, taking away their natural rights.

In The New York Times article “Climate Change Seen as Threat to U.S. Security,” warning the world what would happen due to warming the planet, thus needing programs to help those unfortunate nations that lack any means necessary to protect themselves, and their populations. In fact, it mentions how governments can fall because they lack any central programs to help out their people in times of need. Countries will fail, populations will move and eventually put stress on another part of the world. Yet, there are no stand out programs altering the course of climate change and its effects on smaller nations of the world. Instilling this idea of what is mine is mine and what is yours is yours. We are all innately selfish, not good.

“a growing number of policy makers say that the world’s rising temperatures, surging seas and melting glaciers are a direct threat to the national interest.”

Their is proof in the pudding, too bad there are people who are misunderstanding that cliché statement. With all this factual date emanating from daily evidence there is still people out there unconvinced about the prospect of climate change. Climate change is not happening, apparently. I just do not get it, you have the evidence and the proof… what else do people need? I mean just looking at the clean coal power ad makes me laugh, a lot. How can some people just be so ignorant about the facts. Chances are they are not even looking at the facts, especially of clean coal. Coal produces particulates, NOX and SOX amongst them, that are degrading and destroying our ozone, our forests, and our species. Why we should continue with coal? Ok, well maybe I am being a little to harsh. Yes, coal is abundant and we do need to become less reliant upon foreign fuel, but I do not think coal is the correct answer. Maybe for the short-term it is, but not for the long-term. Long term, we need to think about alternatives, renewables and new legislation and education for the masses about this potential solutions.

Potential solutions can definitely help our economy, especially now-a-days. Spending trillions of dollars on solutions will, in turn, create jobs and help stimulate the economy. Surging, the economy will reap the benefits due to the amount jobs that will be needed to maintain wind farms, solar farms, biofuel plant and etc.

We, high emitters need to change our ways, we need to stop putting poorer people in the way of the effects of climate change. It is cruel and wrong. We need to change, to become less selfish.

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