GMOS. Gross, Mechanical, Organisms.

Blog 10:

With the environment being turned on its head, thanks to climate change, the world seems to be trying to create new substances that fit in with a particular environment, even if, genetically, they do not. Genetics, how does that factor into the recent environmental issues? Well, they are called GMOS. They are Genetically Modified Organisms. Generating a lot of fuss, GMOS are restructured organisms which are altered to better fit particular environments where normally they would not be able to live.

GMOS can be quite beneficial. For one, they can help give countries in dire need of sustenance, food; but it can also destroy the biodiversity of an area. And that seems to be the theme of GMOs, their negatives outweigh their positives. All of this is a cause of industrial agriculture where everything is made to help grow crops and plants in areas they have never grown before. Fertilizers are a huge part of the problem. Yes, fertilizers help grow plants/crops and keep away plant killing/destroying insects but it destroys biodiversity, as in good insects and plant species. Therefore, all the foods we are eating… what are they? Are the foods we eat actually food or over fertilized, lab-grown experiments?

Stemming back, the problem seems to originate from increasing power of large corporations over farmers. Evolving corporations have learned to own their designs, patents. Patenting genetic modifications, GMOS, to make sure that no farmer can take their design and sell it, creating a monopoly. Take for example Monsanto, this corporation has created what they call “terminator seeds.” These seeds have helped create extreme dependences of farmers on their corporations. Corporations crave this, they want money. Meaning, farmers are changing their tactics and falling for these corporate tricks. Reiterating the idea, WHAT ARE WE EATING?

These hybrids, these transgenic crops, are changing the environment, for the worse. Worsening the environment by helping create bacterial strands which are found in soil. These strands help deplete the biodiversity within the area by affecting surrounding species of plants and insects. Looking at Monsanto’s potato hybrid, one may see the toxin it secretes into the soil which is lethal to the Colorado Potato Beetle, and this is Monsanto’s intellectual property.

All of this reminds me of Food inc. with the mentioning of all these GMOS and food patents. We are doing the job of natural selection instead of letting nature run its course. Best fitting nature is the job of natural selection but GMOS are replacing that by creating the best fit from the beginning, meaning new species may not even get a chance. We are choosing the best trait, we are choosing where it goes and we are choosing what is best fit for the overall ecology of the earth. Organisms no longer grow with food, biodiversity is shrinking and our world is worsening.

Should these factory farms exist? Should GMOS be allowed? Should one be able to patent food/crops? All these are excellent questions, but I do not feel great answering them until the world realizes what is going on. Documentaries can help but it will not work until the world sees it, and until then our world will lose a lot in terms of biodiversity.


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