My Personal Stance on Environmental Ethics

Over the past few months I have gained a lot of new knowledge, yeah commonplace, but it is true. Environmentally speaking, I have always been prone to “saving the environment.” Growing up with my environmentalist, albeit naggy, mother, I was very self-aware of my environmental foot print, well sorta.

The environment is important to me, I mean it should be important to all of us. However, I really never gave a second chance to acquiring a stance on environmental ethics. I never thought twice where my food came from, who produced, or even how the animal was killed. Neither did I care about animal rights, I just thought PETA was a type of bread, and I never even thought about how politics and religion influence our environmental policies. Well, not until I took my first environmental oriented class, my senior year in high school.

That class was the bomb. It really got my head spinning on the million of possibilities to really do some good with the world. Benefiting from that class, I decided to pursue at least a minor of environmental policy in college. Never did I once think that I would be majoring in it. Yet, without majoring in environmental policy I would have never learned about such interesting people, our world’s, as well as America’s, environmental history.

Here is my position: I am a weak anthropocentrist, a person thinks before acting, and I am definitely a person who believes in animal ethics. First things first, I do not understand how one cannot be for the rights of non-human animals gaining all rights that a sentient being is born with. They are sentient beings. We were not created to rule over the animals, instead we were created equally. Unfathomable, it is simply impossible for to understand how people do not care that animals are treated so poorly, but yet they can stare at a puppy’s photo and ooh and awe at its adorableness when there are animals being beaten, murdered, and skinned all over the planet. IT IS UNFATHOMABLE.

Secondly, I do not understand how people do not see the repercussions of pollution. Yes, I love my computer, my car, and other consumer products, but at least I can admit to the being a reason to being a part of our planet’s burden. Yes, we are the cause. Without us doing anything politically correct about the environment we will continue to suffer the wrath of global climate change, hello Sandy 2.0. It will not stop there, more and more super storms, or hundred year storms, will continue to consume our planet on a YEARLY basis, destroying everything natural or man-made it their paths.

I do not wish ill upon this planet, but it that is what it takes to give people the wake up call that so be it, destroy everything. Well, maybe that is a bit extreme, but our government is not doing much about it, and yes I am looking at you Obama. At least he is better than Romney, but not by much. I just wish we could spend more time finding alternative resources, funding alternative-fueled automobiles, and rehabilitating nature than destroying each other in war after war.

After that rant, I would like to express my gratitude for all I have learned this year in my class: Environmental Policy and its Ethics. I learned about a lot of different topics, mainly ones which affect a broad range of people, including myself. I do mention some of my personal stances above, but I realize that none of that really matters. It does not matter because there are larger, more important causes that need to be addressed before anyone can say anything about animal rights, as well as climate change. We need to fix our attitude first, without an adjustment nothing will change. Climate change is real. Nothing is false about it. These skeptics need to stop denying this force, otherwise it will just bite them right in the behind.

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